How do I create my profile?

Enter your email and password.

Choose settings

Complete your information


Is my Profile Private?

You can choose to have your profile public or private by choosing settings on your profile page. Click  the privacy  tab. adjust your settings . Your shipping address will always remain private. 


How do I create my wish list?

From your home page choose wish list

Choose Add New

Name your wish list and choose your privacy settings

To add items to your wish list, use the search bar to search for items, once you have found something you want to add to your wish list choose the plus sign in the upper right hand corner of your item and it will be added to your wish list.


Can other people see my shipping address?


No, Your shipping address will always remain private. Smart Elves will  ship your gift to you without sharing your address with the sender.


How much is shipping? 

Shipping is free within the US.


What if I want to return a gift?


No problem,  Return instructions are sent with all gifts


Will the recipient know how much I paid for their gift?

No, All gifts are sent with a gift receipt.


Who gets the credit if I return a gift?

The credit goes back on the card the gift was purchased on. 


What if my friend or family does not have a profile?

No problem, You can still shop for them but you will need to input their shipping address upon checkout? 


What is gift Concierge? 

You can use gift concierge to get gift ideas for someone who does not have a wish list. Simply fill out the request form with as much information as you know about the person and our gift experts will suggest some perfect gift matches . It is fun and easy. 


How many dates can I save? 

You can save up to 10 dates on your calendar for no charge. If you would like to save more dates you can update your account to Premier and save up to 25 dates. Premier users also receive a discount on all purchases


I have a business and would like to use Smart Elves to save all my business contacts, Can I do this?

Yes, A business account can save an unlimited number of dates. Smart elves can also shop for you and send your business gifts on the date you have set. Please contact us for more information. 


Is my information shared?

We do not share information with anyone.


How much does smart elves cost?

Your account is free. You can upgrade your account to Premium or Business if you would like . 


How do I find friends on Smart Elves? 

From your home page, type in your friends name or email address in the search bar. Click search, then choose the people tab. You should always try to search by email as it is more accurate. 

We offer several affordable services that range between no cost at all to just $9.99 per year. For example, our Standard service is completely free. Gift Roulette is a small service free and the Premium membership is just $9.99 for one year.
We offer 100% guarantee satisfaction. Regardless of the gift service you choose, we won’t quit until you are 100% satisfied.
Our gift selection process is fairly rapid. With the Standard free version, you will be able to choose your top 3 gift selection within 24 hours. With Gift Roulette, we can begin processing, as soon as the gift receiver answers the questionnaire. From there, it can be sent out same day or next day, depending on the time of day. Premium members have the opportunity of working with support, will have their gift selected well in advance of the selected date.
Yes! E-Simple Gifts is all about simplicity and options. If the gift receiver is not happy with their gift, you can easily exchange or return it GUARANTEED.
That depends on the service you choose. With the Standard version, the person who the gift is for will not be notified because you choose the gift for them. If you use Gift Roulette, the gift receiver will know you used a company. It’s basically an upgraded gift card! This can be a really fun and interactive process for, both, you and the gift receiver. The gift receiver also has the benefit of control. They can choose what they want according to their specific needs and interests. Premium members have the option of hiding the fact that they used a company. People will likely appreciate whichever option you choose. But it will seem extra impressive that you went out of your way to get a company to help.