Gift Guru - How It Works

Gift Guru is most fun and unique way to send a gift! 
Let's face it gift cards are impersonal at best but often times necessary, especially when you have no idea what the person wants. A gift guru allows you to send someone a dollar amount as a gift except the recipient has input while also keeping some of the surprise. 
  1. Fill out the gift guru form and select a dollar amount you wish to gift. 
  2. Once you pay and submit, your gift recipient will receive a text/email notifying them that you have bought them a Gift Guru.  
  3. Your gift recipient will then be instructed to click a link asking them to fill out a form and have them answer a quick yet fun questionnaire about themselves. 
  4. The recipient will then provide the address of where they'd like the gift to be shipped and submit the form. 
  5. We will then review their answers and cross reference them to our master gift list. We will choose the best possible gift based on their questionnaire and ship out the gift to them right away. The recipient will not know what we picked until it arrives.
  6.  Within a few days the recipient will receive the gift and be thrilled to have this unique experience!  
Please note:
We will do our best to pick a gift that's as close to your dollar amount as possible without going over. For example, if you send someone a $100 gift guru we may end up choosing a gift that cost $96. You will only be charged once the recipient fills out the form and submits it to us. 
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us!