How It Works

The goal of Smart Elves is to make the gifting process as seamless as possible from beginning to end. We value our customers’ time, so we’ve created a system that is simple, fast and effective! Smart Elves is a gifting platform that helps you with all aspects of the gifting process. Imagine being able to send a gift to a friend with a few clicks of a button!


The core concept of Smart Elves is to take the hassle out of gifting. People often run into the following issues when it comes to the gifting process: 

  • Trouble picking a gift
  • Wondering if the person will like the gift
  • Logistics issues such as not knowing the recipients address 

Smart Elves solves all of these issues and more.

Smart Elves is the first website that allows you to create a profile, store important dates, follow and post messages to your friends and send and receive real gifts all in one place. We even offer a free shopping Concierge to help you pick gifts for your friends who have not yet created their profile.  


Create a quick profile on Smart Elves, add items to your wish list, connect with friends and all your gift giving problems will be solved. 


By having a profile on Smart Elves you will be able to post your wish list for all of your friends to see. They can click on an item and have it sent right to your door. Better yet, have your friends and family create a profile and make your life easy. 


You can choose to receive reminders of important dates by text or email if you would like to be sure you do not miss a special occasion or you can pick a gift months in advance and have it automatically delivered. Just update your calendar and set your reminder preferences. 


Have a friend who is not on Smart Elves? Our professional shoppers will help you find the perfect gift to send. 


Don’t forget to create your profile, Invite friends and get started today!




  1. Fill out our detailed profile form about your gift receiver.
  2. Based upon your information and our careful analysis, we will send you an email within 24 hours of the best matches.
  3. You buy the gift and enjoy the exciting feedback from the receiver.

Gift Roulette

  1. Fill out you and your gift receiver’s contact information and budget.
  2. Within 24 hours, the gift receiver will get an e-mail giving them some options to choose from.
  3. You get an e-mail with the choose option and the link to purchase the item.
  4. You buy the gift and enjoy the exciting feedback from the receiver.

Premium Account

Never forget a special event again! The E-Simple Gifts premium account is the next level in gift giving. Through advanced software, our premium account members will be able to completely streamline the gift giving process. As a premium member, you can store unlimited date notifications via a variety of channels like text messaging, phone calls, and email. You will also have continuous personal gift giving support, by one of our gifting professionals. Our professionals will help you pick out the perfect gift, according to your specific needs.

Additional information such as a mailing address, upcoming important event(s), personal interests, preferences, etc., will be consolidated into an individual profile for the gift receiver.This comprehensive process ensures that we can find the perfect gift before the special date arrives.With the premium account, you can even set up auto gifts, where gifts can be automatically shipped with just one click. Best of all, our process is safe and hassle free. Premium members can securely store their information online, along with receiving free access to Gift Roulette and other exciting features, all for just $9.99 per YEAR!